Privacy Policy

We are CMac Studios! We develop a wide range of video games made for gamers, by gamers! This ranges from high end simulation graphics games (PC/XBOX) to completely offline games for mobile devices (iOS and Google Play). Our free games may include advertisements in order to support us to make more free games and improve the application accordingly. These Advertisements are filtered to be not offensive, vulgar, abusive in any way, shape or form and are therefore suitable for all age groups. However, we are not responsible for any advertisements that may occur and deemed inappropriate.

User Data and Data Protection: We never collect information that you do not manually provide. Before you are able to access certain games, we may request basic information such as your email address and name to register an account for the game. This is to save your in-game information and all other accolades you earn from the game. All user data is encrypted and stored securely in our server. However, the end user is fully responsible for the information given.

For further concerns about our privacy policy, feel free to reach out to